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Planning and Execution are Key

Luxe Paiinting  has plenty of experience in HOA/Condo Association painting projects, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an estimate and consultation. We can guide you through the process of HOA/Condo exterior painting to make everything easy on you. .

Painting Home Owner Association (HOA) and Condo buildings or the common areas of multi-family buildings requires the same levels of professionalism and experience as painting single-family homes. The preparatory process, however, presents a different set of challenges that our skilled team is highly capable and experienced at tackling.

The first step is arriving at a consensus among  members of a board or committee on the desired appearance. We are experts at working with decision-makers of various levels of design knowledge to assist with choosing paint colors and overall direction.


Maintaining the appearance of the interiors and exteriors of buildings is not only necessary to maintaining the prestige of your community, but is of high consideration in the valuation of property values.

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